For her thesis entitled "Adjusting for Measurement Error to Quantify the Relationship Between Diabetes and Local Access to Healthy Food," Ashley is working on new statistical methods for practically accurate, statistically efficient analyses of food access and health. 

She recently presented her "passion project" entitled Rate This Interruption: Using Interrupted Time Series Techniques to Analyze Popular Television Couples and Episode Ratings at the Women in Statistics and Data Science Conference in Bellevue, Washington. 

A champion of reproducible research, Ashley was kind enough to let me share this fun project here: [Abstract] [Poster] [Data]

Abby Draeger (B.S. Student)

For her thesis entitled "Unearthed Disparities: Exploring the Effects of Earthquakes on HIV Care Accessibility in Latin America," Abby is applying statistical modeling techniques to quantify the immediate and short-term effects of earthquakes on rates of receiving health care services, like labs, among people living with HIV.

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